It’s a day that will remain etched in your memory!



Come celebrate your bachelor party on the Ardèche for an unforgettable memory!

Our proposal :

Easy way 24+8km / 8+24km

2 days, 2 courses, all the gorges.

Mini-descent 8Km on Saturday and descent 24Km on Sunday,


Descent 24Km on Saturday and Mini-descent 8Km on Sunday.

Free for the future married from 10 pers.

The Activity :

Mini descent on the Ardèche 8 Km

Departure from Vallon Pont D’Arc and arrival at Châmes about 1.5 km after the Pont D’Arc. Duration of the descent approximately 1 h 30. The interest of this course is to have no constraint of schedule. You can leave at any time of the day and dedicate the time you want to the mini descent. Good introductory course for people who have never done canoeing.

The Gorges 24 Km

Departure in the morning between 8:30 and 10:00 from Vallon Pont D’Arc by mini bus to the starting point at Châmes, at the entrance of the Natural Reserve of the Gorges de l’Ardèche. The average duration of the descent to Sauze is about 5 hours without counting your breaks. Returns on Vallon Pont D’Arc with our bus from 16 h 00.

8 + 24km or 24 + 8km, how to choose?

A formula, two options, on which criteria to choose?

According to your wishes, your schedule, your program, etc. We adapt these two days of adventure according to your choices.

Some, who will arrive mid-day on Saturday and prefer to do most of the race on Sunday will opt for the option 8 + 24km while others, who will have to hit the road and leave our beautiful region in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, may prefer the option 24 + 8km.

You have planned a fiesta on Saturday night? It may be better to do the sporty part of the 24km on Saturday to better relax on Sunday on the 8km course.

To each his program! To each his formula!