Learn more about our trips down the Ardèche

Timing free activity … half-day, accessible from 7 years old. Departure at any time … up to 16h / 17h maximum (duration 1h30 / 2h)

  • This is the ideal little trip with family or friends!

  • Consider a distance of 8 km to be made in 1 hour and a half … slowly! Non stop Departure from 8h to 16h … return at fixed times from 11h to 18h (except at 1.00pm).

  • Clearly, take as long as you want! A bus will bring you back from the arrival area No. 5 (on the left bank of the river) to your car.

  • In the morning, … it’s good! At noon, around the picnic … it’s good! In the afternoon, swimming … it’s cool! In addition, you will pass under the Pont d’Arc …

  • OK, let’s canoe today!

Timing free activity … half-day, accessible from 7 years old

Fixed departure at 9h / 10h30 / 12h or 13h30 (duration 3h)

ATTENTION: Depending on the water level, this route may not be accessible according to the regulations in force.

  • ATTENTION: Depending on the water level, this route may not be accessible according to the regulations in force.

  • Neither too long nor too short, with or without picnic, this two-sections canoe trip will let you enjoy this activity, with an average sportiness level .

  • Our shuttles will take you to the starting point upstream of the Ardèche, to the Sampzon bridge.

  • The first part of the trip takes place on a calm river, punctuated by 4 canoe slides (called canoe pass) before joining the the mini-canoe descent … with its passage under the Pont d’Arc.

  • Consider 3h paddling time to reach the arrival … Our buses  return every hour from 14h to 18h from the arrival station No. 5 (on the left bank of the river).

  • Indulge !!

Whole day activity,

Departure every half hour from 8h30 to 10h30 maximum (duration 5h) – Do not pass under the Pont d’Arc.

  • As the name suggests, it delights all nature lovers!
  • Our shuttles take you to the starting point n°5 at Châmes where the Ardèche engages in the gorgeous Gorges whose cliffs reach in some places near 300 meters high.
  • You will be amazed by the beauty of this Reserve that we strive to keep wild.
  • This Canoe trip is pleasant because it allows a few breaks swimming, picnic, discovery …
  • The sooner you leave, the more you will enjoy … and even more with the children!
  • Sunscreen and a little sportiness are required.
  • After 5h paddling time, without breaks, your will return by bus from the arrival area of Sauze betwen 16h and 17h. Count 45 minutes of transport, to travel back to the departure place where you left your car.
  • Curiosity wins!

Whole day activity,

Fixed departure from 8h to 9h (duration 6h30) – Pass under the Pont d’Arc.

  • The Pont d’Arc and the Natural Reserve together: it’s time to test your sporting skills with more than 6 hours of canoe … without breaks!
  • Departure 8am at the earliest of the day you will be the first on the river.
  • See the nature wakes up, pass under the Pont d’Arc, a 60 meters high natural arch , navigate along the entire nature reserve and enjoy a few rapids.
  • Without losing your pace, the last part before arriving in Sauze can be tiring, if the water level is low.
  • Our shuttles ensure your return, between 4.00 and 5.00pm.
  • Not falling asleep on the return bus is also a challenge !!

Attention, the night of your bivouac is not included in our formula.

Please make a reservation in advance for the Bivouac Tickets by booking at the office on +33 (0) 4 75 88 00 41 or directly on this website

Departure between 10h and 15h maximum (duration 7h) – Pass under the Pont d’Arc

  • You’ve heard about it for so long, it’s the opportunity to live two days of adventure in canoe or kayak in Ardèche, at your pace, with family, friends or lovers!

  • Finally, the possibility of disconnecting from the daily routine with a real return to nature by carrying the strict minimum.

  • Departure “à la carte”, towards one of the two bivouac areas: Gaud (1/3 of the way) or Gournier (half of the descent). Do not forget to book your tickets!

  • Unique and convivial evening around a barbecue, in all simplicity.

  • The next day, enjoy the happiness that nature offers. The idleness of this descent ends in Sauze, where our shuttles are waiting for you between 4.00 and 5.00pm.

For this course, a deposit of € 20 per person is requested before your first boarding and will be returned to you after your second day.

1st day = Departure between 8h and 11h (duration 3h30) – Pass under the Pont d’Arc

2nd day = Departure around 10am (duration 3h30)

  • The first day is half of the complete descent: 16 km of peaceful ride to the bivouac Gournier.
  • Consider a 45 minute vertical walk, with your equipment, to reach the road where our buses can pick you up at the end of the day around 18h.
  • You will have free choice for your night (Not included in your reservation) and enjoy a Vallonnaise evening.
  • The next day, let’s go back! Walk down the way to the bivouac to find your boats left the first evening and navigate through the second part for an arrival in Sauze from 4.00 to 5.00pm.

As I want and when I want! The tailor-made descent of the Gorges de l’Ardèche.

  • We add a day of 8 km to another day of 24 km and we get the 32 kms.
  • “Today, I arrive late … I chose the short MINI-DESCENTE … tomorrow, I would make the whole day trip “The gorges of the Ardèche”. ” I’m on vacation, Monday I discover the mini descent of Ardeche … .and Tuesday with my friends for the Reserve,” it is possible!
  • With the Easy way formula, 2 days, 2 different ways to discover our river.
  • The only thing left to me is planning my night to spend an excellent stay.
  • Life is so beautiful in Ardeche!

Bachelor party !

It’s a day that will remain etched in your memory!


Come celebrate your bachelor party on the Ardèche for an unforgettable memory!


We offer two days of adventure and celebration, “à la carte”, via our EASY WAY formula!


And to celebrate this event as it should, LA VERNEDE offers an exceptional rate and offers the activity to the future groom for groups of minimum 10 people !

Do not forget to take... for all the Descents

  • Picnic lunch or afternoon snack,
  • Bottled water or sodas to quench your thirst (at least 1.5 L of water per person is good),
  • Plastic shoes or old tennis for example, flip-flops or other non-closed shoes should not be used.
  • Cords to hold your glasses or an old pair (it is not uncommon to lose them in the water),
  • Towels to dry yourself,
  • Different dry clothes to change,
  • Sun protection of all kinds (cream, glasses, cap, etc …).

Also to envisage for a Descent on 2 days

  • a tent, a carpet and sleeping bag, if you want to sleep under the stars,
  • To maximize the space of your containers, pack your tent in a trash bag capacity 100L, 200L and fix it with tensioners,
  • Flashlight, lighting (no access to energy on bivouac areas, charge your cell phones!)
  • Meals for the morning, afternoon and evening (the bivouac areas allow you to make barbecues and grills),
  • Warm clothes because the nights can be cold  (especially before or after summer)