Descent 2 days 8 + 24 km

6h paddling time Sportive For adventurers who want to explore the Ardeche without stress



2 days, 2 courses, all the gorge.
The first day you will sail on the descent “Le pont d’arc” of 8km. Around 1h30 of paddling time without time constraints with passage under the arche bridge. Ideal to enjoy and relax.
The second day, you will navigate the 24 km of the natural reserve of the Gorges de l’Ardèche. Consider 4 to 5 hours paddling (depending on the flow) to travel 24 km before reaching the arrival of Sauze.
If you want to go down the 24 km on the first day and the Mini 8km tour the second, choose the formula Easy-way 24 + 8km.
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1st day, the Pont d'Arc 8km:

Departure :

Departures for this trip are non-stop between 8:00 and 16:00. All you have to do is visit our office located on route des gorges, in Vallon Pont D'Arc.
Our teams will start by providing you with the necessary equipment for the activity (watertight containers, lifejackets, etc ...)
After taking the time to equip and prepare yourself (showers and toilets available on site), you will attend a short briefing explaining the descent and its particular points, as well as a quick introduction to the paddle technique.
Once these small steps are validated, you are ready, you will just have to reach the river, located 100m away to put you afloat!

Descent :

The 8 km trip is accessible and family-friendly, navigation is very easy. Only « Branches » and « Charlemagne » rapids require a little steering. After an hour paddling, you will enjoy an unforgettable experience navigating under the majestic Pont D'Arc, ideal place for a swimming time.
Once past the Pont d'Arc, consider about 30 minutes of paddling time to reach the arrival beach which will be materialized by a sign.

Arrival and return:

The arrival is located on the hamlet of CHAMES and is materialized by the STOP n ° 5. (Left Bank)
Our shuttles will be waiting for you on arrival, at the time you have chosen to take you back to the office of Vallon-Pont-D'arc, where you have left your vehicle.

Possible return time: 11h - 12h - 14h - 15h - 16h - 17h - 18h

2nd day, the nature reserve 24km:

Departure :

Appointment in the morning, between 8:00 and 10:20 at our office located Route des Gorges, in Vallon Pont d'Arc.
Before leaving, please take enough water and food for your day, as you will not find snacks or restaurants during your trip.
Also bring sunscreen and / or long clothing knowing that you will spend most of the day in the sun.
After being equipped (watertight containers, lifejackets etc ...) and informed on the descent by our team, Our bus will take you to your starting point, the entrance to the majestic nature reserve of the Gorges de l'Ardèche.

We propose 5 departure times: 8h30 - 9h00 - 9h30 -10h00 - 10h30.



The 24km trip takes around 5 hours of paddling time (not counting the breaks), so managing your time is a key point in this activity. As such, we advise you to make the longest part of the descent in the morning, before your lunch break. The « Rocher de la Cathédrale » area is an ideal place to organize your lunch break and enjoy a swimming moment.


Arrival and return:

Our shuttles will be waiting for you at the SAUZE arrival stage from 16:00. After disembarking, our teams will direct you to the buses that will take you back to Vallon Pont d'Arc.
We are not able to tell you exactly how long you have to wait before you leave, although we make sure that it is as short as possible.


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1 to 9 adults 50 58 55
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+ 20 adults 44 52 49
Children from 7 to 15 years 32 35 35
Children 7 to 12 years old in 3rd place 15 15 15
High season from09/07/2019 au 24/08/2019


Descent 2 days 8 + 24 km

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