6h00 paddling
THE soprtive trip
24km canoe ardèche
plan des gorge ardèche


The Pont d’Arc AND the nature reserve together: It is now time to test your sporting abilities with more than 6 hours of canoeing … without breaks!

Beaches, rapids, cliffs and other geological curiosity: every landscape is a source of wonder.

La Vernède advises you to leave as early as possible in the morning. You will live a day to the rhythm of this exceptional natural environment, while challenging yourself. On this pretty long descent of the Ardèche by canoe (and therefore, with the strength of the arms), very good physical condition is required to fully enjoy the adventure.

And from your canoe, the sensations are intense: you are as appeased by this return to your roots as you are stimulated by the sporting challenge.

An all-in-one course for an UNFORGETTABLE memory!


A real sporting challenge with 6 hours of effort, this course will amaze you! With a departure at 8 am at the earliest of the day, enjoy the privilege of being the first on the river.

What’s in the program ? :

the Arc Bridge and its beaches;
the reserve and its cliffs, caves and rapids.

Be aware the last part before the finish in Sauze can be tiring if the water level is low.

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    details of your descent


    For this 32km route, the start is between 8:00 am and 9:30 am directly from our pier located Route des Gorges in Vallon Pont d’Arc.

    A few tips :

    leave as early as possible to be able to take a few breaks during the day;
    plan enough water and food for your day – there is no restaurant or snack on the course;
    think about sun protection (creams, long clothes, caps, sunglasses with cords, etc.).

    /! / We recommend that families with children consider a 24km descent instead of the 32km trip.

    Preparation before sailing:

    our teams provide you with the necessary equipment (waterproof containers, life jackets, etc.);
    you get ready (showers and toilets available on site);
    you attend a short briefing on the course and a quick introduction to the paddle technique.

    You are now ready to begin your descent of the Ardèche by canoe from our pier (located 100m).


    You have to paddle for around 6 hours (without the breaks) to cover the 32km that separate Vallon Pont d’Arc from Sauze.

    Managing your time is therefore a key point. We recommend that you complete most of the route in the morning, before your lunch break. The Cathedral Rock area is an ideal place to organize your picnic and enjoy swimming.

    arrival & return

    Arrival is at the Sauze landing stage, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Our shuttles are waiting for you to take you back to the Vallon-Pont-d’Arc pier.

    We are unable to tell you the exact waiting time before your return, although we will make sure that it is as short as possible.

    6h00 paddling
    THE sportvie trip
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    1 to 9 adults38 €42 €40 €
    10 to 19 adults34 €39 €38 €
    + 20 adults33 €37 €36 €
    1 children from 7 to 15 years old25 €27 €27 €
    1 child 3rd place (-45kg)20 €20 €20 €