Full day caving
in Ardèche

#A deep dive into the heart of the underground world

Spéléo Ardèche Vallon Pont d'Arc

From 12 years old

Presentation :

Full day caving is a complete and unforgettable outing. This adventure is sportive and intense, you will encounter many natural obstacles: abseils of 15 to 35 meters interspersed with galleries, narrow passages, labyrinth, and many other surprises. You will spend about 4 to 5 hours underground with a lunch break.

Process :

After being taken care of by a state-certified instructor on the site of the Base Canyon de la Besorgues, allow around 15 minutes to walk with no height difference to reach the start of this magnificent Ardèche canyon.
You will then follow the water course, making jumps up to 3m (all bypassable) and slides, to arrive at the start of the 90m zip line (avoidable) which will bring you directly to the area around the car park (no return walk).

Materials provided :

  • Helmet with diode (latest generation lighting),
  • Canvas suit specific to the activity,
  • Full harness,
  • Reinforced bag, not waterproof,
  • 6L waterproof container,

Equipment to provide :

  • Sneakers or hiking shoes,
  • Water shoes are strictly prohibited!
  • Long (comfortable) clothes to put under the wetsuit,
  • ½ L of water per person, Important for the approach walk.
    A picnic not fragile (sandwich, energy bars)

From 60 € per person