Via ferrata
“villefort lake”

# An incredible decor, extraordinary sensations

From 1m40 and 45kg

Presentation :

For half a day, the azure waters and the rock faces of the Via ferrata site of Lake Villefort will not fail to remind you of the beauty of the Mediterranean coasts. Indeed, walking through the cliffs overlooking the lake, you will discover, through many aerial workshops, what is called “a cove”. Located on the territory of the Causses, in the heart of the Cévennes, a sector listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, two routes will be available to you.
One easy and the other a little more technical, each lined with a multitude of obstacles: monkey bridges, zip line, passage over cliffs or even footbridges … The more technical course develops even more vertically!
After the effort, you will have only one desire, to cool off on the shores of Lake Villefort with the Pavillon Bleu label, reflecting its good water quality!

Process :

Registrations are made as soon as possible. Please note that there can only be 10 registered per slot.

When you register, we will provide you with an appointment form, with all the necessary information.

Please note that you will need to drive around 1.5 hours to get to the activity site from Vallon Pont d´Arc.

Once there you will be taken care of and equipped by a professional instructor who will guide you throughout your activity.

Provided gear :

  • Helmet
  • Strings
  • harness

Conditions to be fulfilled:


  • Be in good physical condition,
  • Be able to walk in rough terrain,
  • Do not overestimate your physical capacities,
  • Know that the instructor reserves the right to cancel the activity or not to bring one or more people, if he judges that they are not fit to participate in the activity.